Preston Automatics and Differentials specialise in the servicing and repairing of automatic transmissions and differentials.  With six transmission builders on site, Preston Automatics and  Differentials are proud of their quality of work and quick turnaround  time. Stan at  Preston Automatic & Differentials says their goal is to “Get the car  back on the road in the shortest amount of time without compromising  for quality”.

We are the same crew that was operating for seven years on the corner of St. Georges Rd & Showers St in Preston and due to successive operations we were forced to move to a much larger and more secure workshop in Campbellfield.

We strive to be the leaders in this industry with street/strip credability at the top of our criteria list. Our extensive experience and ‘state of the art’ workshop facilities allow us to lead the pack. We are set apart from any competitors because we realise that there is no compromise for quality and the use of second grade components will produce second rate results.

This high level of worksmanship will be domonstrated in the months to follow with numerous street/race cars to hit the 1/4 mile scene. Look out for John’s 1965, Orange Ford Mustang Coupe which is street registered and engineered chasing low 9 secs, aided by a C10 T16 Race Unit & 9″ Diff.

Also, numerours VL Turbo’s running high 9′s, low 10′s (HYPOVL & RICKYM to name a couple), G-Tech’s Blue BA XR6 Turbo producing 1491 Nm of torque with a C10 3-speed full manualised. Nismo’s GAZY10 & XEESP, R33 Skyline producing 1000HP (2-speed powerglide & transbrake) and heaps more, including, wait for it… Stroked 350 Chev blown in a Mark 1 Escort belonging to Muscle Car Automotive!

-   Qualified transmission builders.
-   Servicing and repairing automatic transmission and differentials.
-   All makes and models.
-   High performance work (custom built to order)

-   12 month 20,000 kilometre and 24 month 40,000 kilometre warranty on reconditioned automatic transmissions.

Preston Automatics & Differentials recommend that:
-   All transmissions need to be serviced every 12 months or 20,000 kilometres.

Oil should be replaced every 12 months as:
-  Oil loses its effectiveness due to loss of viscosity and lube quality.

Preston Automatics & Differentials will perform a band adjustment in transmission servicing to alter shift patterns.