• EA – EBĀ  – ED – EF – BA – BF – BG
  • XR6
  • XR6 Turbo
  • XR8


Stage 1:
a. Replacing all clutches and bands with kevlar – high energy friction lining
b. Modifying valve body, C3 drum and front servo mods
c. Strengthening torqu converter (Furnace Bracing)
d. External trans oil coolers (10″ x 11″ etc)
Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3
Max Power threshold 280Kw Rear Wheels
Jason’s XE ESP Ghia ran 9.98 @ 132mph with a C9 (no t/brake)


Stage 2:
Discarding 4spd and replacing it with a C10 3 Speed. Fully fabricated to run massive power figures.
a.Transbrake available
b. full rolarised unit replacing thrust washers with roller bearings, machine work.
c. Deep sump, fully manualised 8kg, 3 valve body, billet servo adapted bell-housing, shifter mods, tailshaft, extra clutches.
Max Power threshold 800Kw+ (1000HP)


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