VL Turbo’s
Depending on how serious you are about going fast, we provide numerous options.

Option 1: Jatko 4 spd strengthend to easily handle up to 220Kw RW
Option 2:
Jatco 3 spd built to hold 400Kw RW
Option 3:
Trimatic 3 spd or C10 3 spd fully adapted and fabricated.
Option 4: All out race VL – 2 speed powerglide. You will never break this auto. 1000HP

Holden V8 LS1, strokers, etc

Choose from

  • Turob 700 (Hydraulic or electronic)
  • Turbo 400
  • Turbo 350
  • Powerglide 2 Speed

Record: Mark Seddon’s VN SS Stroked 355 twin throttles with a turbo 700-R4 saw 3 continuous seasons of racing and street torture and went 10.80sec 1/4 mile only to be freshened up at the end of it’s duty as a race car.

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